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re:publica 2015
re:cord Musicday


New ways of Consumer Understanding and Talent Discovery: How A&R practices are being changed by Big Data. One of the three "Sounds like Big Data" panels presented by the Reeperbahn Festival Conference discussing Big Data and the Music Business. Produced in cooperation with Music Tank (London).


Based on his paper "Moneyballing Music - Using Big Data to give Consumers what they really want and enhance A&R practices at Major Record Labels", Prithwijit Mukerji will introduce his thesis, followed by a discussion with Graham Ball (Lecturer, MA Music Business Management, University of Westminster) and Michela Magas (Director, Stromatolite; Founder, Music Tech Fest; Founder, Sonaris).

"Prithwijit's MA Music Business Management Project paper is an empirical study of the use of social media Big Data to better anticipate consumers’ tastes and better inform A&R processes and decision-making.  This paper successfully analysed current business trends incorporating latest research and industry-based interviews and as such offers an overview of an emerging and exciting field of study." (Graham Ball)

Host: Sandra Passaro (Founder & MD, Stars & Heroes int.; Curator & Consultant, Hyper Culture; Projectmanager, Norient; Advisory Board Member, IASPM D-A-CH (International Association for the Studies of Popular Music))

Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2015 - 13:45 bis 14:45


Deputy Course Leader MA Music Business Management