Playing It Cloud - And Getting Paid?

re:publica 2014


Is there still a way for musicians to actually earn a living from their recording output these days?


The digitalisation and the sea change it brought for the business of music has created new economic realities for (amongst others) musicians. To asses the situation we need to look at new and old revenue streams, at the relations between creators and the creative industry, at fair and unfair practices, at real and perceived (or propagated) alternative income sources for recording artists, at the future of music and the actual artists’ perspective on these matters.

"Creators need a creative industry but that industry must reform its relationship with creators if it is to survive", says Crispin Hunt, Songwriter, Musician and Co-CEO of the Featured Artists Coalition (FAC). He discusses the state of the musicians with re:publica's own Johnny Haeusler who on his Spreeblick blog has recently laid open the digital earnings from his band Plan B's 2013 rerelease campaign. The discussion will be hosted by Helienne Lindvall (songwriter, musician and columnist for the Guardian and Digital Music News).


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