Music tech: the new rocket science

re:publica 2015
Business & Innovation


The reinvention of the music industry has served as a test ground for new types of value systems and business models which can serve as an example for other industry sectors as they enter the era of the physical internet.


Not so long ago the Music Industry was up for reinvention. The old-school system simply wasn’t working for anyone any more. While some predicted doom, a community of musicians, coders, inventors and tinkerers took matters into their own hands and began to invent new forms of expression, collaborative entrepreneurship and their own set of values.

Music is a social glue. This creative and technologically-savvy community united people from different cultural backgrounds and professions. It enabled great brains to collide and produce often surprising results. Many of these exciting creative and technological solutions have proven fertile for all fields of activity and have provided the context for new business models and high-level ideas about legal frameworks, product deployment and the emergence of the Crowdmaking marketplace. These ideas are now influencing top EU policy-makers and large players of EU industry.

Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2015 - 16:15 bis 16:45