Music Hackathons – A teaser for musicians, coders and makers to get involved

re:publica 2015
re:cord Musicday


In this session, we want to introduce to existing music hackathon formats, talk about concepts and motivations and encourage musicians, coders and makers to get involved


Hackathons are a common practice today, also in the music sphere. There are several music hackathon formats out there, serving different needs and focussing on different aspects of the wide music spectrum and production process – from the making of music hardware, to remixing music tracks, to hacking software and APIs of larger online/mobile music services, to the coding of new applications supporting music-collaboration and -interaction.

Established and globally held music hackathon events have developed specific profiles, such as the Music Tech Fest with a focus on music production, The Musicmakers Hacklab, which is a collaborative workshop culminating in live performances, or Music Hack Days, which are mainly community driven and decentrally organized all over the world.

In our session, we want to introduce the audience to some of the music hackathon formats out there, talk to the minds behind it and present some outstanding music hacks.

For those musicians, coders and makers interested to organize their own music hack event, we will provide a meetup at 2PM at the newthinking booth to exchange ideas and to make plans.

This session is presented by Music Pool Berlin and all2gethernow e.V.


Ignite Talk


Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2015 - 11:15 bis 12:15


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