Jeff Weyers

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Jeff Weyers
Senior Research Analyst

Jeff Weyers is currently a PhD Candidate in the Tactical Decision Making Research Unit with the University Of Liverpool examining Violent Extremism. Jeff is a decorated police officer with 15 years of police experience and a recognized expert in the field of Preventing Violent Extremism, Terrorist's use of Social Media, and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). He is also a regular contributing member to the Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium (TRAC).

For the last six years Jeff has been researching the use of multiple social media platforms by extremists groups in their attempts at propaganda and recruiting. Late in 2014 Jeff participated in a several Pentagon round table discussions on strategies for defeating ISIS and subsequently was a contributing author on a Pentagon white paper discussing the “Multi-Method Assessment of ISIL”.  Jeff is also a senior researcher with iBRABO ( an intelligence research group based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  In his capacity there he has been involved in using various social media tools to identify and track violent extremists.  Using these techniques Jeff was able to track Mark Taylor (AKA: “Kiwi Jihadi”) as he broadcast his location in Syria while fighting on the front line with ISIS.  Jeff was also the lead analyst in the tracking of Toronto Jane (AKA: L.A. Jane) from Toronto to major ISIS strong holds in Syria such as Raqqah. Toronto Jane is the first known female to be actively involved on the front line in Syria with ISIS. 

Jeff has been training parents, communities,  teachers and police agencies on the use of the Identifying Vulnerable Persons (IVP) guidance tool for screening persons on the path to violent extremism. In this regard he has screened over 3000 individuals engaged with various extremist groups. As a result Jeff has received multiple commendations for his work in interdicting persons away from violent extremism.