What if Robots ♥ Nature?

re:publica 2015
City Of The Future


Looking at the city of the future as an ecosystem, with a high net import of food over long distances, growing food within the city can be an alleviating factor to battle a cities food dependency. Be it rooftop or vertical farms, balconies or indoor gardens – all these approaches require extensive care, regular upkeeping and attention. What if robots would help us with that?      


The facts are well established: We’ll be 10 billion people in the year 2050, most of us will live in megacities, there will be no free space for traditional agriculture while everyone wants to eat happy cows, free living fish and vegetables from organic farms. 

Robotics will be a key factor in urban food production. Robots have the potential to turn our cities into arable land. Capturing and adapting environmental conditions to the needs of plants increases yields while saving water and fertilizer. 

What if all these Robots would connect and learn from each other? If they would share their experiences – could we create an internet of living things? An open source knowledge base for farmers of future city jungles. 

This is a guided tour of plants & machines and their quest to build the future of open source farming. During the talk, we’ll show you our open source hard- and software (work in progress) for growing automation and hopefully convey how much fun it is to have your own ecosystem with cnoeppkes and blinkenlights in your living room.

Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2015 - 16:45 bis 17:15


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