#sendeanlat – a Turkish outcry

re:publica 2015
Politics & Society


#sendeanlat was created at the wake of a public outrage in February 2015 on the rape and brutal killing of a young woman named Özgecan Aslan when she was riding a minibus on her way home from university. The tag was invented to create a platform for women to share similar assault stories in order to break women's silence about the issue.


Another goal was to empower them since through sharing, they would recognize that they are not alone. In four days, the tag was used about a million times with about 300k original tweets from all over Turkey. It thus made the sexual harassment problem visible in society by showing that this was not confined to public transportation and was happening to all women regardless of ethnicity, religiosity, class or other issues. Men were shocked to find out about the prevalence of sexual harrassment and some demonstrated by wearing skirts and refusing that kind of manhood. The debate and after effects of the tag continue online as well as offline as the huge data thus collected is being analyzed by researchers. 


Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2015 - 11:15 bis 11:45


Autorin & Beraterin
Faculty at Istanbul Bilgi University