Finding the World through Global Voices

re:publica 2015
Politics & Society


Members of the Global Voices community will talk about their work in an international community of bloggers, translators and activists. We collaborate online, we overcome stereotypes and prejudices, we are engaging for human rights and we learn from each other. Global Voices is publishing underreported news in over 30 languages.The growing community is working across boundaries of nation, language and religion and has seen some changes since its beginning over 10 years ago. In this session we will share our positive experiences and the challenges of a voluntary international online community.


At Global Voices Online we work with people from around the world on a daily basis. The community of Global Voices fights to make underrepresented stories heard. Within our workflows we are in a constant learning process. By translating or editing we learn about stories from other parts of the world or from different perspectives which are not shown in traditional media. Communication within the community challenges stereotypes and prejudices.

In this session four members of the Global Voices community will talk about these issues:

  • online collaboration in a global virtual community,
  • global collaboration on certain issues: i.e. global multilingual Tweetathon for #Zone9Bloggers, Advocacy initiatives; publish underreported news for a global audience in over 30 different languages
  • learning by just being part of the community: constant dialogue about understanding of issues in the editing process; dialogue about different perspectives certain events (for example: Charlie Hebdo)
  • overcoming prejudices and thinking in stereotypes by getting to know the "Others"


Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2015 - 13:45 bis 14:45


Lingua Editor German
Persian Editor at GV and Co-Director of Iran Voices
Global Voices and Iran Voices