Encryption At Scale

re:publica 2015
Science & Technology


Google’s efforts to increase use and usability of encryption, why it’s partly a human factors issue, and why we think it’s so important.


We fortunately now live in an era where the importance of encryption for civil society is no longer a matter of debate. Many initiatives exist to introduce encryption as broadly as possible throughout the internet, but quantity may not always be the right metric. It's really easy to get encryption wrong and thus create a false sense of security, particularly for those without the technical knowledge to assess the risks.

Google aims to provide everyone with the world’s strongest security and privacy tools. Security and privacy matter to us, we know how important they are to our users, and we work hard to get them right. Stephan will describe some of the approaches — both qualitative and quantitative — that Google has taken in encryption over the years.


In Partnership with Google's Security Team.


Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2015 - 17:30 bis 18:30