The business of privacy by disaster

re:publica 2015
Business & Innovation


'Privacy by disaster' is currently the main driver behind real-world adoption of privacy-enhancing solutions. This session will go over some of the disasters that have raised awareness between public and private actors of the need to take privacy into account, and will present how a small start-up based in Barcelona, Eticas, is managing to seize the moment and translate societal concerns into responsible socio-technical architectures that companies want to use.


A 'privacy disaster' is a privacy advocate's best friend. News of data breaches, data theft and social acceptability issues linked to the deployment of data-intensive technologies are in the media on a regular basis. Regular 'privacy disasters' have made some players aware that taking privacy into account is not only a matter of social responsibility, but a sound business decision.

Incorporating privacy and broader societal concerns into the development of data-intensive technologies can save money in the medium and long term, as well as diminish the risk of reputational crisis. This opens a window of oportunity for privacy advocates and ethical hackers to work with early adopters of real-life privacy enhancing solutions and mechanisms, both in the public and private fields.

The session will present the experience on Eticas Research and Consulting, a company founded by social scientists and engineers that has tripled its workforce in its first year of operation and is currently working with clients in the field of border management, biometrics, social media, emergency management, citizen science or data brokers.

Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2015 - 10:30 bis 11:00