2030: Living & working in the village of the future? A solution-oriented creative workshop

re:publica 2015
City Of The Future


The city of the future, a place made possible by intelligent machines – total surveillance, connected, automated, 24/7 communication and optimization of the self. While some people are content with the convenience provided by these new technologies and the fast pace of life that accompanies them, others are considering leading a less connected lifestyle outside the city. These opposing trends are why we ask participants of the workshop to look ahead and imagine the village of the future. What will villages be like in 15 years and what reasons might lead us to choose the countryside over city life? And after all, is country living in a digital world still that different?


We invite all interested re:publicans to an activity-oriented workshop. We will develop ideas about how individual lifestyles will change and what might motivate people to live in the village of the future. Using the method of design thinking, participants will learn about selected creative methods (e.g. empathy-oriented interviewing, brainstorming & prototyping).

We will then apply these techniques directly in teams of 5 participants each. Empathy-oriented interviews can be conducted between participants or with visitors at re:publica. Thereby, we not only create meaningful dialogue, but will also discover solutions that can be applied to working & living in the village of the future.

Together we will condense these insights and turn them into visions of village life in 2030. The outcomes will be tangible prototypes which can be presented with audience appeal at re:publica.



Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2015 - 15:00 bis 16:00


Design Thinker & innoki Co-Founder | Digital Work Seminar Team
Kommunikationsdesignerin & Design Thinker