Arndt Pechstein

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Arndt Pechstein

Dr. Arndt Pechstein is owner of the innovation agency 'phi360' and founder & president of 'Biomimicry Germany'. As an expert in biomimicry, design thinking, sustainable development & creative, team-based change processes he runs workshops and advises companies & organizations on human-centered innovation & strategic foresight, and teaches students in sustainability & cross-disciplinary problem-solving.

Arndt holds a PhD degree with honors in Neuroscience & Biochemistry and specialized in bio-inspired sustainable design & inventive problem solving to drive systemic innovation. He has been researcher & project manager at research institutes in Germany, Sweden, UK & USA and was awarded numerous scientific awards. He is co-founder & board member of the 'European Biomimicry Alliance', a transnational network of biomimicry design & innovation professionals. With his organization, Arndt was awarded the "Landmark 2014/15" Innovation Award by the German government and the Sustainability Award "Werkstatt N 2015" by the Council for Sustainable Development.


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