Involving Europe

Finding Europe = Involving Europe

As one of our networking efforts we have embarked on a journey through continental Europe, searching for its digital communities. We started several calls on Twitter under the hashtags #FindingEurope and #rp15 in order to find those places all over the continent where the digital society is already happening (more on the call here): Co-working spaces, maker labs, hackerspaces, innovation hubs, or any other (physical) place or interface where digital communities come together and share knowledge. Thanks so much for your support and feedback!

Now we want to make these places visible – and locatable – for you; please find below a list of spaces we got in touch with. It is being constantly updated but in case you know of any additional place you think is missing, please tell Alena at
Thank you!

1. Prishtina Hackerspace, @PRNHackerspace, Kosovo
Located in downtown Prishtina this hackerspace and co-working space caters to the Kosovo youth with after-school workshops, seminars and mentoring and provides an open environment for experimentation in technology and art.

2. Cowork Lisboa, @coworklisboa, Portugal
Portuguese Cowork Lisboa wants to provide a pleasant co-working environment for developers. Moreover it welcomes those who are passing through for just a few days with flexible pricing.

3. Impact Hub Athen, @ImpactHubAthens, Greece
As part of the international Impact Hub network creatives working at this co-working and event space in Athens gain from the knowledge exchange with a worldwide community of 8,000 members.

4. MADE Makerspace Barcelona, @Made_BCN, Spain
Apart from having access to a selection of tools (welders, bandsaws, laser cutters and 3d printers) members of MADE Makerspace Barcelona are offered special rates at manufacturers.

5. Poligon Creative Center, @PoligonSI, Slovenia
Poligon in Ljubljana is the first creative centre in Slovenia and aims at freelancers – established and aspiring. It serves as a training ground for self-employed professionals working in the field of creative economies, culture and social entrepreneurship.

6. FabLab Milano, @FablabMilano, Italy
The Milano FabLab doesn't only offer the usual equipment, such as laser cutters, plotters and 3d printers. It is also a part of Milan Triennial and exhibits the space's projects at Maker Faire Rome.

7. L'Usine IO, @usineIO, France
L'Usine IO based in Paris is a hardware hub providing a professional infrastructure for all product development stages from prototyping to production. The makerspace offers a great variety of tools from CNC laser cutting to thermoforming, RIM moulding and vinyl-cutting.

8. labOS, @labOSijek, Croatia
Located in Osijek, Croatia, LabOS is a "multimedia lab" and hackerspace hosting events and talks about Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3d printing and modelling.

9., Croatia
Makerlab Radiona in Zagreb focuses on collaborative intermedia and new media practices and all sorts of do-it-yourself activities on education, research processes, artistic projects, curatorial practices and interdisciplinary collaborations.

10. THECUBE London, @THECUBELondon, UK
London's co-working space THECUBE provides a community for artists, researchers and engineers. It nurtures collaborative projects and crowdsources their member community for consulting commercial projects (NHS, Nike, Virgin Media).

11. Moseley Exchange, @MoseleyExchange, UK
This Birmingham-based co-working space offers an opportunity for artists to exhibit their works on the walls in the building. In addition the space hosts a monthly street market featuring Moseley-based designers and makers.

12. Hackerspace Budapest, @hackerspacebp, Hungary
Founded in Budapest in 2009 H.A.C.K. is the first Hungarian hackerspace. It organises a series of camps and Hack Thursdays and host cryptography, lockpicking, Python or arc welding workshops.

13. Impact Hub Brno, @ImpactHubBrno, Czech Republic
Besides spaces in Czech Prague and Ostrava co-working space and business accelerator Impact Hub branches further out to Brno. Opening party is on April 1, 2015.

14. Locus Workspace, @locusworkspace, Czech Republic
This Prague-based co-working and event space especially welcomes international English-speaking entrepreneurs. It hosts a variety of English-language MeetUps, including yoga, morning runs, Lambda and Czech conversation.

15. init Lab, @initLab, Bulgarien
The hackerspace is conveniently located in the center of Bulgaria's capital Sofia. init Lab is a space for making, experimenting and learning; their current projects include Urban Hacking and developing technologies for supporting disaster relief.

16. IMAGURU, @Imaguruby, Belarus
A popular startup hub in Minsk that also functions as a co-working space. It hosts events and offers business classes and many more...

17. Tampere Hacklab, Finland
Formerly known as 5w this hackerspace is situated in Tampere and lets its members work on their own projects with their choice of fun toys like 3d printers or laser and plasma cutters.

18. Lab Research Hub, @p2p_lab, Greece
Lab Research Hub, located in the northern Greek town of Ioannina nurtures interdisciplinary research in the field of free open source technologies. Its members regularly publish articles about their results.

19. TOG Dublin Hackerspace, @TOG_Dublin, Ireland
TOG Dublin Hackerspace has been around since 2009. Their many projects are well documented online, including an instruction on How To Build A Time Machine In 12 Easy Steps!

20. Impact Hub Siracusa, @HubSiracusa, Italy
The Sicilian Impact Hub Siracusa is part of the global Impact Hub. For all those who can take their work with them wherever they go and feel like visiting Sicily they offer a complete digital nomads programme.

21. Molekula, Croatia
Molekula is an association in Rijeka, Croatia. They strife to support local independent culture and host events, workshops, exhibitions and panel discussions among other.

22. Hub Vilnius, @hubvilnius, Lithuania
The first co-working space and startup accelerator in Lithuania has been around since 2010. So far they have already spread out in six locations all over Vilnius.

23. Generator Hub, @Generator_Hub, Moldavia
In 2014 Moldavia's capital Chisinau saw the opening of Generator Hub, a co-working space and event location that aims to boost the IT development in Moldavia.

24. Modulab, @modulabs, Romania
Modulab in Bucharest is a multi-disciplinary platform promoting artistic expression through new technologies. For example, they have co-produced the Romanian pavilion at Venice Architecture Biennale in 2012.

25. inventeaza, @inventeazaro, Romania
This makerspace in Bucharest focuses on education, workshops and everything connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).

26. Impact Hub Moscow, @ImpactHubMoscow, Russia
Impact Hub is part of the global Impact Hub network and regularly hosts events to support new enterprises and innovation.

27. Impact Hub Zurich, @impacthubzurich, Switzerland
Impact Hub Zurich is located in the City West of Zurich and offers its members workspaces, access to innovation workshops and startup programmes.

28. Colab Zürich, @ColabZurich, Switzerland
Colab Zurich is a young co-working space in Switzerland's biggest city. Startups, hackers, online workers and creators can choose between working in the quiet Classic Space or the lively Creative Space.

29. Hackerspace Brussels, @hsbxl, Belgium
Hackerspace Brussels is a 300m² space with an electronics lab featuring over 900 components. Anyone interested is invited to their weekly meetings, a hack night or one of their many other events.

30. KOHO, Hungary
KOHO is a co-working space located in the Hungarian city of Pécs. Since 2011 freelances and students use the space for collaborative working.

31. Impact Hub Bratislava, @ImpactHubBA, Slovakia
Impact Hub Bratislava is situated in the heart of the Slovakian capital. It is meant as a place to work freely on projects, it is also offering workshops and events.

32. Coworking Space Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein
This small co-working space in Vaduz is a home to social entrepreneurs. They regularly get together and organise trips, events and seminars.

33. Impact Hub Brixton, @HubBrixton, UK
Impact Hub Brixton has just opened its doors in London in 2014. As with all members of the global Impact Hub network, newbies are instantly part of a worldwide community. Their own events aren't all about work: Once a week there's a members' lunch and members can even stretch their limbs together during a yoga session.